International Forum for Social Innovations - IFSI

Founded in 1976, the International Forum for Social Innovation is an international association whose aim is to promote social innovation and institutional transformation in private and public institutions. In I.F.S.I.'s reasoning, "institution" designates organizations of all kinds, highlighting the end products they generate as well as the factual and mythical history that underlies them, the implicit and explicit rules that govern them, the conscious and unconscious emotional life that sustains them, and, generally speaking, everything that makes them exist. By "social innovation", I.F.S.I means the ability to innovate in terms of social behaviour, whether personal or professional. The term also entails the capacity to envision options other than repetition and reproduction of past behaviour; it implies the ability to transform roles and thereby contribute to the transformation of institutions.

Praxis International

Less than a month after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Praxis International was created on December 15th 1989, at this crucial moment in present time History which declares the end of a bipartite world and heralds a new idea of international relations. Enriched by this moment of swelling and burst of the ancient traditions, Praxis International was born from the professional encounter between a woman and a man, alter egos united by their complementarity, their liking for human sciences and the common will to innovate in order to serve leaders and managers. By this “duo”, Praxis International is advancing, from its very beginning, in a spirit of discovery and federation. Thus, the members of our team come from numerous and various countries and horizons: Palestinian Authority, Belgium, Cuba, United States, Italy, Israël, Peru, United Kingdom, Sweden, etc